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May 2013: 24 hours in Washington, DC

I was recently lucky to find myself near Washington for the day and had nothing planned, so decided to take a train into the city and walk around the some of the sights. The Washington Metro is very impressive, as the station tunnels are faced with large concrete inserts. It sounds horrendous but actually looks quite funky.

Washington DC Metro Station

Once back above ground, I was looking forward to getting some great shots showing the city’s landmarks, such as the Washington Monument. Unfortunately the 2011 Viginia Earthquake had damaged the masonry; consequently the entire structure was covered in scaffolding to permit repair work – hopefully it will be removed soon.

Washington Monument Surrounded by Scaffolding

My next stop was the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, a huge plinth engraved with the names of those who lost their life during the conflict.

Vietnam Veteran Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial was just a short walk away.

Lincoln Memorial

This is also the location for taking one of the “signature” shots of DC - the view of the Washington Monument, seen in the Reflecting Pool. Last time I tried this photograph the pool had been drained for maintenance; this time it was full, but the strong wind stopped most of the reflections… Hopefully it will be third time lucky!

Washington Monument seen in the Reflecting Pool

I started walking back towards the Washing Monument, stopping to photograph the Lincoln Memorial again from a different angle

Lincoln Memorial seen in the Reflecting Pool

By now I was attracting the attention of one the local squirrels, convinced I had peanuts in my camera case...


Having lost the squirrel, my penultimate stop was the WWII memorial...

WWII Monument

...Before my final stop, probably the most famous landmark of them all - The White House.

The White House

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