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Sept 2013: Out and About in Toronto

Time for another blog update; this time some images from a recent trip to Toronto. A couple of wildlife shots to begin:



The waterfront in Toronto has a few interesting features. The Wavedeck is an unusual boardwalk:

Toronto Wavedeck

And there are some interesting characters hanging out at the Rogers Centre too:

Rogers Centre Sculpture

Over to Toronto Island next and a view of the CN Tower:

CN Tower

The "Oriole" was busy taking tourists for a trip along the waterway:


A boardwalk leading towards the naturlist beach. I didn't venture any closer - especially with a camera and a telephoto lens in my hand!

Boardwalk to the naturlist beach

Something a little less contentious now - a close up of a dandelion head

Dandelion Head

Time to head back to the city, dodging the aircraft landing on the island!

Porter Dash-8

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