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February 2015: Nassau, Bahamas

Some images from around Nassau, starting with a shot showing the clear turquoise waters that makes this area so popular:

Bahamas Cleat Turquise Water

The harbour is always busy, with numerous cruise ships visiting each week. Here is one of the most impressive - "Allure of the Seas" - the largest cruise ship in the world. It can accommodate 6,500 passengers and carries 2,500 crew:

Allure of the Seas

Cruise ships have increased is size considerably over the past decade. This archive picture from 2005 shows "Regal Empress", a ship that was subsequently sold for scrap in 2009 as it became too small to contend with the larger ships:

Regal Empress

Not all water transportation has to be that big! Jet skis are popular too and are in regular use up and down the various beaches:

Jet Ski in Action

The beaches are incredible, with pure white sand and clear water. And seagulls - just like every other beach in the world...!:

Low Flying Seagull

The Bahamas is also famous for its weather. The shade of a palm tree comes in handy against the midday sun!:

Palm Tree, Sun and Blue Skies

You can also catch some stunning sunrises when the conditions are right. The following colours are NOT enhanced in any way:

Bahamas Sunrise

Bahamas Sunrise

A stunning destination and one I look forward to visiting again soon!

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