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November 2013: Boston Common

Boston Common is the oldest city park in the USA dating back to 1634 and is always a hive of activity, even on a cold November afternoon! When I first arrived, it seemed that the squirrels outnumbered the humans and once again, they took an instant shine to me...



Very Friendly Squirrel!

The park itself looked a little drab in the late November light; unfortunately I had missed the bright colours of "fall" by a few weeks, leaving the trees a little on the bare side...

Boston Common

Boston Common

One of the most famous statues in the park is a set of bronze ducklings, which never need polishing due to the constant attention from passer's by - these pictures took a few minutes to capture, just waiting for the ducks to become free!

Bronze Duckling Statue; Boston Common

Bronze Duckling Statue; Boston Common

There were plenty of dogs being walked, but most were on a lead - it was good to see this one allowed to run around - although it did seemed confused by the dilemma of two balls but only one mouth...!

Golden Retriever

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