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November 2014: Baltimore Inner Harbour

A few images of the harbour area (or harbor, as the locals spell it!), taken one sunny afternoon in late November. The first picture shows several of the tourist attractions, including the National Aquarium (the glass buildings in the middle and on the right) and two historic ships - the Chesapeake Lightship and the submarine USS Torsk on the right:

Baltimore Inner Harbor

The harbour is usually busy and the "Spirit of Baltimore" is shown docked after a recent pleasure trip, with Baltimore's World Trade Centre in the background:

Spirit of Baltimore

The waterfront promenade and marina:

Baltimore waterfront and marina

A general view of the harbour, with sunlight reflecting off the World Trade Centre and water:

Baltimore Inner Harbor

The Baltimore Water Taxi arriving at Harborplace:

Baltimore Water Taxi

The former power plant, now home to restaurants and a book store:

Baltimore Power Plant

The National Aquarium reflecting the late afternoon sun:

Baltimore National Aquarium

Walk just a few blocks away from the harbour and you are in quaint residential streets:

Baltimore Street

Finally one of the most impressive mosaics I have ever seen, adorning the American Visionary Art Museum:

American Visionary Art Museum

Whilst not an obvious tourist attraction, there is plenty to do in Baltimore. There are several historic forts, great seafood dining (crabcakes are the local speciality!) and plenty of museums and other indoor attractions. Well worth a visit!

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